Hi there, my name is Richard Bartos and I’m
UX & Product designer

What can I do?


So, you have a project, website, application or whatever and your conversion rate is low? Users are confused and aren't sure what to do? I can look at the project and tell you what is wrong and what you should change to deliver the best experience.

Product Design

I'm a guy who likes great products. And I can push an idea into beautiful, functioning product. It doesn't matter if it is small website or large business application. I always think of the smallest details and have a clear vision.

User Testing

Oh boy, showing your product to people can be sometimes really unpleasant - mainly because they can't see the big fucking button in front of them! But seriously now. If you want to be good you have to test everything. Trust me.

Hey, you're cool man, can we hire you?

Well, I'm right now employed at Avast, but don't be afraid to write me an e-mail!

Get in touch with me.